Todd Energy Releases Submission to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment on Hydraulic Fracturing

Todd Energy today released a submission provided to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) in response to the investigation into hydraulic fracturing in New Zealand.

“As a major New Zealand energy producer with substantial experience in hydraulic fracturing, Todd Energy wishes to contribute to public understanding of the use, risks and benefits of the technique in a New Zealand context”, Todd Energy Chief Executive Officer Paul Moore said today.

“We also want to address confusion over issues relating to hydraulic fracturing arising in other countries, and provide assurance to our communities about the safety, care and high standards involved in our operations.”

Mr Moore said that the submission provides a plain language, comprehensive picture of Todd Energy’s operations.

“We hope that our contribution and the PCE’s investigation will help to properly inform the public about hydraulic fracturing in New Zealand”, said Mr Moore.

The submission to the PCE is available for download at

For further information, contact:

Janet Carson

Communications Manager

04 901 7340

027 515 3752

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